Benefits of Direct Bookings for Independent Hotels
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Benefits of Direct Bookings for Independent Hotels

Direct booking is a vital component of many independent hotels’ inventory distribution strategy. Here are some of the key benefits independents gain from direct booking:

More control over the online guest experience

Direct booking allows hoteliers to better control the online booking experience for their guests. With booking engine technology integrated into their website, hotel operators can customize the content, including descriptions and images, to ensure their property is well positioned online. As a result, hotels can have greater influence on travelers’ booking processes. If hotels can help travelers feel more confident in how they’re booking online and who they’re booking with, they’ll be able to move from research to reservation much faster.

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Enhanced competitive positioning

The value of direct booking also extends to competitive positioning against other lodging properties. Hotels that offer multiple digital booking channels create additional opportunities for travelers to discover their property, book room nights, and capture valuable revenue. Additionally, hotels that expand their direct booking offering to mobile devices stand to benefit even greater as mobile bookings have grown into the top source of reservations for lodging properties. In short, the more opportunities hotels provide travelers to find their property and book rooms, the greater the advantage they have in the marketplace.

Greater financial benefits

For hotels that aren’t utilizing direct online booking, adding this channel to their booking strategy quickly adds a new, powerful revenue stream. Additionally, the cash generated by direct bookings is completely commission free. When independents decide to invest in direct booking technology, the financial benefits gained can quickly deliver the value needed to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Direct booking is a key feature of innRoad’s cloud-based, independent hotel management software. Learn about all of the benefits innRoad provides independent hotels by speaking with one of our independent hotel experts today.

Benefits of Direct Bookings for Independent Hotels