What improvements will you make at your independent hotel in 2016?

Achieving and sustaining growth is an ongoing challenge for many independent hotels.  Consumer preferences and industry trends constantly evolve, so hoteliers must work to stay appealing to guests and ahead of competitors.  However, as many operators experience, hard work alone doesn’t always produce…

Hospitality: People first, Systems second

Working for a hotel management software company like innRoad and being a process improvement geek, I get really excited about being able to help people do more faster. But, after a recent stay in New York I was reminded that it doesn't matter how fast your systems are or how many clicks it takes to do…

Best practices for utilizing hospitality management software

In continuing our dialogue about preparing for 2015, we are providing our hotel partners with additional best practices for leveraging innRoad’s hospitality management software to its full potential.  By maximizing its capabilities, operators can plan for achieving year-over-year growth and positioning…