travel shoulder season

Use shoulder season to enhance your independent hotel operations

Shoulder season provides independent hotels with a great opportunity to build upon a busy summer by gearing up their operations to ensure a successful holiday travel period and strong start to the New Year.  Here are a few ways independent hoteliers can utilize shoulder season to enhance daily operations:Check…

Turn shoulder season into another busy season

Is it us or did the summer just zoom by?  In a few more weeks, the holiday travel season will be here.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about how independent hotels can take advantage of the post-summer/pre-holiday shoulder season.  With cooler weather and smaller crowds, lots of…
independent hotel software

First impressions matter for independent hotels

The saying, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” holds so true for independent hotels –much more than their chain hotel competitors.  As standalone properties, independents generally get fewer opportunities to capture travelers’ attention, provide them with great experiences…
labor cost management

Smart labor cost management for independent hotels

As you likely know from first-hand experience, lots of independent hotels operate on narrow financial margins, so keeping expenses low is always a priority.  For independent hoteliers looking to better control their spending, here’s 2 smart ways to manage labor costs.Scrutinize labor costsSummer…

Independent hotel software misconceptions

We speak with independent hoteliers every day about how they manage their daily operations.  We discuss their strengths, pain points, long-term goals, etc.  In turn, they ask about our cloud-based hotel software.  Occasionally, we encounter misconceptions about hotel software.  Well, let’s say…

Connect your independent hotel to OTAs

Seamless, global online distribution is one of the key reasons why independent hoteliers choose innRoad as their hotel software partner.  Our hotel software connects independent hotels directly to hundreds of the world’s largest online travel agencies (OTAs), including, Expedia and Orbitz. …
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Celebrating independence: Insight for successful independent hoteliers

Veteran independent hoteliers will agree that achieving and sustaining long-term success is challenging.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all operations manual and you can’t call corporate when problems arise – independents must get their hands dirty and fix things themselves.  But getting the job…
branding for independent hotels

Celebrating independence: Crafting an independent hotel brand

In part 2 of our “Celebrating independents” blog series, we’ll examine some of the strategies independent hoteliers use to build their brands from scratch.  As a hotel management software provider, we tout the importance of utilizing effective technology to manage a new hotel, but there’s much…
hotel management software

Blog series: Hoteliers share how innRoad simplified operations

Running an independent hotel is rewarding, but without the right tools, it can be extremely challenging.  innRoad hotel management software is built specifically to solve problems that create stumbling blocks for independent hoteliers.  Here’s what some of our independent hotel partners had to say…
hotel management system to boost performance

Maximize independent hotel performance with a hotel management system

Some independent hotel operators are keeping a secret.  While everything appears great from the outside, behind the scenes they’re losing sleep and driving themselves crazy.  The secret we're talking about is the struggle to maximize hotel performance – increase bookings, drive revenue and capture…