shoulder season

Drive independent hotel bookings with shoulder season travel experiences

Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, independent hotels are officially in their shoulder season.  As we recently discussed, even though it’s considered “off-peak,” shoulder season can still generate strong bookings and revenue for well-prepared hotels.  And with travel media sites, like…
hotel management software

Blog series: Hoteliers share how innRoad simplified operations

Continuing our “Problems solved - Hoteliers share how innRoad solved their operational issues” blog series, let’s dive into two more common issues faced by independent hoteliers, overbooking and wasted time.  In addition to hearing from our independent hotel partners, we’ll examine how innRoad’s…
hotel property management software

Eliminate summer stress with an effective hotel property management system

Summer travel can be stressful for hotel guests and operators.  Long airport lines and crowded highways are almost unavoidable, so for most travelers, vacation doesn’t truly begin until they arrive at their hotel.  And for hoteliers, meeting heightened guest expectations during the summer can make…

3 leadership skills shared by top independent hotel operators

We’ll always debate whether leaders are born or made, but there’s no denying that great leadership is needed to be a successful independent hotel operator.  Top-performing hotels have great operators in-place who motivate team members, instill confidence in guests and drive the business forward. …
list on OTAs

Increase reservations with a two-way PMS system

Picture this. You’re a small hotel owner. You have 10 rooms that you tirelessly work to keep occupied by listing on OTAs like Expedia and You try to keep track of all the emails that you get with reservation information. You update your inventory as quickly as you can, hoping that you…

New Year’s Resolution #1: Merging the gap between direct bookings & OTAs

Looking back at 2015, it’s hard not to notice two common themes: hoteliers looking to increase direct bookings and the increasing grasp OTAs have on the market. While we’re huge fans of listing your inventory on Online Travel Agents (OTAs), we’re even bigger fans of ensuring those guests book direct…

Three tips for enhancing guest engagement for your independent hotel

Marketing is a crucial part of an independent hotel’s day-to-day operations.  Great visibility on OTAs, positive ratings on review sites and a strong reputation in the local community are a few of the goals independent hotel operators work towards to ensure travelers continue to book rooms.  Keeping…

Building an Independent Hotel Brand: Roux

For years, Alli Baldwin and Ilene Mitnick planned for the day when they would walk away from corporate careers and open their own bed & breakfast.  Their ambition far exceeded that of a weekend hobby or part-time business venture, this would be an opportunity to fulfill a longtime, entrepreneurial…

Was your independent hotel successful in 2015?

Late December is the time of year when many independent hoteliers naturally begin to shift their attention toward the quickly approaching New Year.  While planning for a successful start to the New Year is essential, it’s also important to reflect on the past 12 months and take stock in your hotel’s…

Welcome To Our Slumber Party

This is a guest post by Sherry Beck, Owner at Bavarian Inn in Custer, South Dakota. You can also view Sherry's previous article that has been featured on our blog.Goal #1 for the Bavarian Inn, even prior to taking over ownership of the property, was to increase our online presence, elevate…