Turn shoulder season into another busy season

Is it us or did the summer just zoom by?  In a few more weeks, the holiday travel season will be here.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about how independent hotels can take advantage of the post-summer/pre-holiday shoulder season.  With cooler weather and smaller crowds, lots of…
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Blog series: Hoteliers share how innRoad simplified operations

Running an independent hotel is rewarding, but without the right tools, it can be extremely challenging.  innRoad hotel management software is built specifically to solve problems that create stumbling blocks for independent hoteliers.  Here’s what some of our independent hotel partners had to say…
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Eliminate summer stress with an effective hotel property management system

Summer travel can be stressful for hotel guests and operators.  Long airport lines and crowded highways are almost unavoidable, so for most travelers, vacation doesn’t truly begin until they arrive at their hotel.  And for hoteliers, meeting heightened guest expectations during the summer can make…
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Increase reservations with a two-way PMS system

Picture this. You’re a small hotel owner. You have 10 rooms that you tirelessly work to keep occupied by listing on OTAs like Expedia and You try to keep track of all the emails that you get with reservation information. You update your inventory as quickly as you can, hoping that you…

3 ways hotel software should make your workday easier

Work smarter, not harder is a goal shared by many independent hotel operators.  Saving time completing tasks allows you to move on to the next responsibility faster, spend more time with guests or simply take a much deserved break.  However, as you likely know all too well, figuring out how to work…

How secure is your Hotel Property Management System?

How secure is your Hotel Property Management System?Technology has completely redefined the meaning of instant gratification for travelers.  Equipped with laptops and mobile phones, the most adventurous travelers can book flights on their way to the airport, reserve hotel rooms after landing and…
5 Things Every PMS Need to Have and Do Well

Five things a hotel property management system should do extremely well

Independent hoteliers who are looking to purchase their first or replace an existing hotel property management system (PMS) will come across various systems in the marketplace that promise great benefits, like increasing reservations and boosting revenue.  However, while likely well-intentioned, every…
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Stop mistakes BEFORE they happen with better independent hotel data

Every day, independent hoteliers make hundreds of decisions. Many are routine, like emptying trash cans, but the outcome of more important decisions, such as seasonally adjusting ADR or taking rooms offline for repair, can affect an independent hotel’s revenue and ability to take care of guests.The…

Hoteliers, stop using multiple systems to manage your property!

How many cell phones do you have? 1, right?When I look at independent hoteliers who have a PMS, a Channel Manager and a booking engine. It’s like looking at a person who has three cell phones, one that you use to text, one that you make calls with and another to send or check emails, I think we…

Reconnect with your returning guests with a Property Management System

Attracting new guests is a daily goal for every hotelier.  Booking new visitors is essential for increasing revenue, reputation building and driving the business forward.  However, even after successfully putting in the hard work needed to get them onto the property, it’s critical that operators…