Why Global Distribution and Revenue Management are Essential to Hotel Management
global distribution
“Global distribution” describes the network of channels that connect hotels with travelers and allows them to showcase their available rooms and rates through online travel agents (OTA), such as Hotels.com and Booking.com.

Global distribution is essential for hotels that are looking to attract more guests and increase bookings. However, for hotels to maximize these revenue-generating opportunities, they must also have the tools to adjust rates, monitor inventory and analyze performance in real-time.

This why purchasing a fully integrated hotel property management system (PMS) that supplies properties with global distribution services and a hotel revenue management system is important for independent hotel’s looking to position themselves for long-term success.

Benefits of Global Distribution

Operators should view global distribution as their primary sales, marketing and revenue generation tool. With more travelers turning to the web to find information, hotels must have a strong online presence to capture their attention. Fully integrated hotel management software with seamless global distribution connectivity make it possible for real-time rates and inventory data to be automatically released to a global distribution system (GDS) and then published on connected OTAs so ambitious travelers can easily book their next trip.

channel manager for hotels

Another tool for capturing traveler attention is a website booking engine. With a booking engine, hotels can transform their websites into commission-free reservation booking channels. Travelers utilize many online resources when planning, but hotel websites are their top destination when searching for lodging information. A website booking engine allows hotels to covert traveler curiosity into reservations and revenue.

Optimizing Revenue

Seasonality, competition, demand, rates and availability are just a few of the many factors that impact hotel performance and profitability. Hotel operators must stay in-tune with market conditions and have the ability to react quickly when opportunities arise to capture additional revenue and increase occupancy. Hoteliers equipped with a fully integrated hotel PMS that includes a hotel revenue manager have the tools to ensure their property is optimized for maximum performance.

revenue management

With seamless integration, when room rates are adjusted within the hotel PMS and data is instantly pushed to all distribution channels, operators can utilize their Revenue Manager to monitor performance metrics, like Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR), Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Occupancy, to gauge the impact of their decisions and remain in control of hotel performance.

Hotel operators who are ready to begin the process of identifying a new hotel PMS can download our Property Management System Buyer’s Guide for a detailed roadmap on selecting to best system. And for hoteliers looking to gain hands-on experience, we are providing a free demo of our cloud-based, fully integrated hotel property management system.

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