Online Hotel Self-Check-In

Speedy check-in with less admin

Collect key information before guests arrive so they can get to their rooms faster—and your front desk staff can spend less time on paperwork.

Faster room access for happier guests

With online hotel self check-in, guests can bypass the front desk and head straight to their rooms so they can start relaxing sooner.

Save time at check-in for stress-free stays

Streamlining check-in by collecting important information before guests arrive means less paperwork work for your front desk staff.

Boost revenue with early check-ins

Maximize your revenue by offering value-added services and bonuses during the online check-in process:

Get more than a hotel self-check-in system

innRoad’s hotel self-check-in app is an add-on for our all-in-one property management system. With our powerful PMS, you get access to a suite of powerful property management features.

Booking Engine

Make it easy for guests to book a stay right on your website. That means fewer bookings lost to OTAs and more revenue in your pocket.

Revenue Management

Set goals, monitor your progress, and take advantage of booking demand with automated rate changes.

Analytics & Reporting

Get the full picture with easy-to-read hotel reporting software and real-time insights you don’t have to be a financial expert to understand.

A Hotel Property Management System Trusted by Thousands of Independent Hotels

"It was an easy transition from our previous PMS and customer support is excellent! The system was really easy to learn and easy to train. I am very happy with the choice we made by choosing innRoad."
Carla B.
General Manager
"Guests are reserving 24/7 using innRoad linked to our website. We're receiving reservations from Expedia and seamlessly. We've seen a 20% increase in revenue since adopting innRoad."
Edward L.

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