Gain a Competitive Advantage With a Hotel Central Reservation System
central hotel reservation system
Tech-savvy hotel operators have more digital tools available to help propel their business forward than ever before. Social media, online travel agents, website and mobile booking engines, mobile/tablet apps and other 3rd party technologies make it easier for hotels to connect with travelers across the globe.

However, with enhanced access to potential guests providing greater opportunities to increase reservations, hotels must have a system in place to efficiently manage the flow of business from all of their sales channels.

A hotel central reservation system (CRS) is the optimal technology solution for properties looking to effectively manage their growing business. As its name suggests, the primary function of a hotel central reservation system is to centralize and organize reservations, guest information and hotel data in one place for fast access and easy management. However, even if you are an operator who does not rely on the most cutting-edge technologies, you can still benefit from using a hotel CRS. Here are examples of operators with different goals and objectives who can all improve their operations with a hotel central reservation system.

Operator #1: Those Who Rely on Manual Management Processes

Many independent hotels still rely heavily on manual processes to manage daily operations. Paper files and folders, hand-written notes, various spreadsheets and documents are the daily tools of the trade for operators who have yet to digitize their business. Though these hoteliers have a system that “works for them,” the reality is that they are teetering extremely close to edge of disaster. Without a sufficient system for keeping important data organized, backed up and secure, the risk of negatively impacting the guest experience, as well as their business overall, will always remain high.

manual hotel management

Operator #2: Those Who Have Developed a Strong Growth Strategy

Achieving and sustaining long-term growth is a priority for hotel operators across all segments, but it is generally more challenging and critical for independent hoteliers not supported by large ownership or management groups. Managers are tasked with creating the optimum rate structure to achieve steady increases in ADR and RevPAR, while improving the frequency of bookings from new and returning guests. So, when operators finally put together a formula for achieving these objectives, they must have a system in place to continue driving their business forward and protecting their hard-earned success.

Operator #3: Those Who Manage High Occupancy Properties

In some regions, demand for guestrooms remains consistently high, so hotel managers utilize a strategy that lends itself to offering traveler-friendly rates in exchange for higher occupancy and longer stays. With these guests spending more time on-property, hoteliers have greater opportunities to build relationships that result in long-term loyalty and return visits. Operators need a system to manage guest profiles and preferences, so information, like preferred guestrooms, can be saved and used to enhance a traveler’s return visit.

occupancy hotel performance

As you can see above, a well-designed hotel central reservation system can meet the needs of hoteliers with varying goals and objectives. And it’s because of its multi-functional uses that we integrated a hotel CRS within our hotel property manager – one of the core features of our cloud-based hotel PMS. Paired and fully integrated with our booking engine, Global Distribution services and hotel revenue manager, our hotel CRS and Property Manager instantly improves front desk operations by allowing for:

  • Single-system configuration
  • Easy reservations management
  • Fast guest check-in/out
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Detailed guest profiles, lists, accounts and history
  • Simplified billing and credit card processing
  • Group management
  • Flexible rate and room tables
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integrated marketing channel tracking

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