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Blog series: Hoteliers share how innRoad simplified operations

Continuing our “Problems solved - Hoteliers share how innRoad solved their operational issues” blog series, let’s dive into two more common issues faced by independent hoteliers, overbooking and wasted time.  In addition to hearing from our independent hotel partners, we’ll examine how innRoad’s…

Three tips to get more online hotel reservations in 2016

Happy New Year!  2015 was great for many of our independent hotel partners, so we’re looking forward to helping you continue your success throughout 2016.  We’ll start by answering one of our most asked questions, “How do I get more online hotel reservations?”We love this question because…
increasing independent hotels' free online reservations

5 easy strategies for increasing independent hotels' free online reservations

Many independent hotel operators have love/hate relationships with their online travel agent (OTA) partners. They love the online exposure and new bookings provided by OTAs, but hate paying out the required commissions. As the saying goes, “It’s the cost of doing business.” However, independent…
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Stop mistakes BEFORE they happen with better independent hotel data

Every day, independent hoteliers make hundreds of decisions. Many are routine, like emptying trash cans, but the outcome of more important decisions, such as seasonally adjusting ADR or taking rooms offline for repair, can affect an independent hotel’s revenue and ability to take care of guests.The…
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One HUGE mistake independent hotels must stop making

Hey there, independent hotel operators.  We know the summer travel season has you extremely busy, but we want to steal your attention for just a few minutes.  While speaking with potential clients and doing our personal travel planning, we keep coming across one HUGE mistake that too many independent…

It's time to absolutely, positively disrupt the independent hotel online booking process

For independent hotel operators, the primary goal will always be to “put heads in beds.”  However, as we’ve discussed, traveler expectations are evolving and destination/experience-driven vacations are impacting how consumers plan their trips, where they stay and what activities they enjoy while…

Tips for getting the most out of your booking engine software

When hoteliers partner with innRoad, they receive a full complement of advanced, web-based tools, as well as premium customer support, which allows for enhanced management of daily operations and greater opportunities to increase revenue and profits.  Included within innRoad’s hotel property management…

Mobile booking engines are shifting the hotel industry

Many hotels are experiencing great financial performances as the industry rebounds from the crippling 2009 economic downturn.  But as bookings and revenue have increased over the past several years, new developments in the way personal technology is adapting to fit consumer lifestyles is strongly impacting…

Prepare for the future today with your hotel management software

As we have discussed recently, the hotel industry is experiencing great success that is expected to continue in 2015.  Alongside operational performance results, hotel pipeline metrics are widely considered strong indicators of the industry’s overall health.  In STR’s U.S. Hotel Pipeline July Report,…

Is your hotel website driving guests away?

A hotel’s website is its most powerful sales and marketing tool.  It’s where travelers from around the world can learn more about the property, rooms, service, amenities, rates, etc.  A well-designed website may provide all the information a potential guest needs to book a reservation.  However,…