hotel-revenue-management-systemHotel budgets are impacted by a variety of factors, such as seasonality, events, labor and competition.  And, of course, unforeseen occurrences, like extreme weather, have the ability to drastically skew or contribute a surprise lift to forecasted figures.  Budgeting will never evolve into an exact science, but utilizing the proper technology and strategies will allow hoteliers to keep a firmer grasp on their expenses, revenues and profits.

innRoad’s Hotel Revenue Management System, one of the core technologies seamlessly integrated into our cloud-based hotel management software, provides independent hotel operators with an easy-to-use system for managing financial performance.  By streamlining accessibility to important performance data, such as Average Daily Rate (ADR), Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) and Occupancy, operators remain in total control of daily operations with accurate financial information presented in real-time.  Additionally, comprehensive reports providing detailed accounts of sales, historical data and forecasts are easily downloaded for greater insight into financial performance.

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hotel-disruptionThe hotel industry is changing.  Standards that were once the status quo are now routinely challenged and it’s travelers who are leading the charge.  Technology has helped swing the power of influence from hotels to savvy, sophisticated global travelers.  Guests know that if a hotel fails to deliver upon their hospitality promise, they can quickly find others that are willing and waiting to meet their needs.

The collective influence of travelers has disrupted the historical norms of the hotel industry, resulting in a wave of new ideas, creative solutions and permanent changes to how the industry operates.  Independent hoteliers must decide to either embrace this disruption by innovating or try their luck at keeping afloat atop this wave of change.

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web-based- hotel-management-systemIn a recent blog post titled “Making the Switch: Upgrading Your Hotel Property Management System,” we touched upon the differences between local client/server-based and web-based hotel management systems.  To build upon this discussion, we will take a deeper look at the advantages of web-based hotel management software and why independent hotel operators are selecting innRoad to manage and elevate their hospitality businesses.

#1: Provides hoteliers with the flexibility needed to operate a true 24/7 business.
As an hotelier, you know that managing a hotel is a true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation.  Managing daily responsibilities, team members, operational performance and the guest experience is a complex balancing act that requires great attention to detail, organization and flexibility.  The challenges faced by independent hotel operators are unique, so this is why innRoad provides web-based hotel management software that is designed with the adaptability and mobility required by busy hoteliers.

We know that some operators delay updating their hotel management systems because they fear purchasing software that is challenging to understand and utilize daily.  With this in mind, we designed innRoad with easy-to-use functions and an intuitive interface that allows managers and team members to quickly develop a level of comfort with the system and removes any intimidation that comes with using new technology.

Our Access Anywhere platform lets you access our web-based hotel management software and manage your hotel from anywhere with an internet connection.  Whether you are traveling between properties or attending an off-site meeting, innRoad keeps you in total control of your hotel’s operations from wherever the workday takes you.

innRoad also positions your hotel for future growth.  Built-in flexibility allows you to add additional rooms or new locations into our hotel management software, so you can manage all of your properties from one fully integrated, web-based system.

#2: Eliminates the need for an in-house “IT expert.”
Due to the high cost of IT support, some independent hotels, as well as other businesses, use a tech savvy team member as their in-house “IT expert” to avoid hefty charges for technical service calls.  Though not a wise business decision, it’s a common practice across various industries.  However, with our web-based hotel management software, independent hoteliers can eliminate this potentially disastrous practice.

innRoad’s software does not require hoteliers to purchase servers or special hardware, so the potential for costly equipment failure is removed from day one.  Our web-based platform allows hotels to automatically receive system updates without purchasing add-ons or needing on-site installation.

We take on the responsibility of securing your data by encrypting it while stored in the cloud, as well as utilizing a dual data center backup system to ensure premium protection.  Additionally, whenever you have questions about maximizing innRoad’s capabilities, you have free, 24×7 access to a dedicated Implementation Manager and our Technical Team.  Our experts are here to provide ongoing training and help hoteliers unlock the potential in their properties.

#3: Reduces your annual technology spending.
Web-based technology, from personal computing programs to online data storage, has greatly reduced the cost of developing, deploying and maintaining the software and systems that individuals and businesses use daily.  This holds true for innRoad as well, so it allows us to pass along cost savings to our customers.

Independent hotel operators are able to manage their properties with our web-based hotel management software for as little as $150/month.  With no annual contract, large upfront costs or hidden fees, hoteliers receive an all-inclusive system with the tools, including a Property Management System, Booking Engine, Global Distribution Services and Hotel Revenue Manager, necessary to position their hotel for success and achieve their long-term goals.

Learn more about how innRoad can get your hotel on its path to profits by scheduling a personalized demo today.

hotel-booking-systemA hotel’s website is its most powerful sales and marketing tool.  It’s where travelers from around the world can learn more about the property, rooms, service, amenities, rates, etc.  A well-designed website may provide all the information a potential guest needs to book a reservation.  However, what happens when it does not include a hotel booking system to processes online reservations, but instead asks travelers to call or email the front desk?  Will travelers be compelled enough to contact the hotel via email or offline?  Or will they simply find another hotel that allows online bookings?

Recently published research notes that in 2013, 65% of business travelers booked travel directly on company sites more often than via online travel agencies, which is an 11% increase from 2012.  Also of note, 1 in 4 smartphone users who use their device for travel planning book their trip via their smartphone.  Today’s youth travel segment has the highest number of smartphone users, so as current youth travelers mature and continue to travel, the importance of providing these potential guests with a fast and direct method of booking rooms will grow each year.

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independent-hotel-profitabilityEvery week at innRoad, we speak with independent hotel owners and operators who are searching for a solution to improve their operations.  Some hoteliers have specific issues they wish to correct, such as increasing reservations, and others just want to save time and make the workday easier for team members and themselves.

Knowing that independent hoteliers encounter unique challenges daily, we developed a cloud-based, fully integrated hotel property management system that provides operators with the tools to address their complex operational issues. By incorporating key functions and features, such as our Property Manager, Booking Engine, Global Distribution and Revenue Manager, into one, easy-to-use system, managers are able to streamline operations and simplify the responsibilities required to run successful hotels.

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hotel pms selectionJust a few weeks ago, we provided tips for evaluating your hotel’s mid-year performance, so it may seem a bit early to discuss profits for 2015.  However, now is actually the ideal time for operators who are considering updating their hotel property management system (PMS) to learn about the steps required in the process.

The hotel PMS selection process is extremely important for independent operators who want to enhance their operations, improve performance and increase profitability.  Every hotel has its own specific set of operational needs and technical requirements, so with various hotel PMS software providers in the marketplace, hoteliers must thoroughly research their options to ensure they are making the best investment for their property’s future.

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guests-find-your-hotelWhen you turn on the television, it’s hard to miss the commercials from Online Travel Agents (OTAs), like and Expedia, and hotel rate comparison sites, such as TripAdvisor and Trivago, enticing consumers to book family trips and romantic getaways.  Skift, a travel intelligence company, recently ranked the world’s most trafficked travel booking sites and leading the way are and the collection of TripAdvisor sites with a combined 370 million estimated desktop views in May 2014, a 13.7% increase from January 2014.  Followed up with a strong year-over-year performance by U.S. hotels in June, Occupancy +2.9%, Average Daily Rate +4.3% and Revenue Per Available Room +7.2%, it appears that travelers reacted positivel

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hotel trendsPerformance trends within the hospitality industry are pointing to a prosperous, multi-year run for hotel owners and operators across all segments.  In their annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry publication, PFK Hospitality Research reports that in 2013, on average, U.S. hotels experienced a 5.4% increase in total revenue with only a 3.7% rise in operating expenses, which resulted in a 10.1% increase in annual profits.  These findings show that hoteliers were able to deftly grow revenue, keep expenses low and allow more dollars to flow through to the bottom line.  As these trends continue, PFK Hospitality Research projects U.S. hotels will achieve five consecutive years of double-digit profit growth through 2015.

This is great news for hoteliers nationwide.  After a disastrous dive in 2009, business and leisure traveler confidence has been restored and the industry is currently reaping the benefits.  While these industry findings are positive indicators for future success, owners and operators should also use this information to examine their hotels and decide if they are positioned to benefit from this profitable upswing.

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hotel-pms-softwareAs veteran independent hotel operators know well, attracting new guests is key to generating incremental revenue. However, it’s loyal, returning guests who are the foundation of a hotel’s long-term success. The process of cultivating guest loyalty requires hoteliers to consistently deliver exceptional service, anticipate traveler needs and continuously differentiate from their competitors over a sustained period of time. To execute these loyalty-building tactics, hoteliers need strong leadership from team members, sound operations and modern technology to support the complexities of hotel management.

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empower-with-hotel-automation-softwareDuring high-traffic periods, independent hotel owners and operators rely heavily on their team members to keep operations running smoothly and visiting guests happy.  With their attention focused primarily on the guest experience, it’s easy for operators to assume their teams are performing their best with the tools they’re provided.  Though this may be true, operators should evaluate their team’s productivity from a different perspective.  Hoteliers should ask themselves, “Am I providing my team with the best tools to do their jobs?”

In speaking with managers who have examined their team’s productivity, a common discovery is though tasks are being completed, manual methods and inadequate hotel property management systems (PMS) are causing their teams to suffer in the areas of efficiency, organization and the ability to complete tasks quickly.

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